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Your gel polish chipped or fell off too fast again?
With Looky Beauty perfectly
looking nails for weeks is possible! 

I am known for my longer lasting
manicures and pedicures
and offer classic polish, gel polish and extensions. 

Choose from over 100 gel polish colours.
I also offer nail art and effects includes chrome, metallics and holo.

Manicure bare
Manicure with polish 
Manicure with gel polish 
Natural nail overlay 
Nail extensions
Minimalist nail art /per finger 
Advanced nail art /per finger
IBX treatment

Pedicure bare
Pedicure with polish 
Pedicure with gel polish 

Manicure and Pedicure 
Manicure and pedicure with polish 
Manicure and pedicure with gel 
















Each treatment includes shapeing, buffing, cuticle work and applying nourishing oil.
Pedicures include foot soak, advanced removal of hard skin, foot scrub and
cream application.

Gel polish or extension removal is complimentary with re-application, otherwise priced at £10

I use only premium certify products, single-use, and disinfected tools for your safety and top results. 

clean sheer gel polish nails
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